Enrich Your Knowledge With These Books

Enrich your knowledge with a concise history of the 1,400-year-old schism between Shias and Sunnis; read 14 translated stories by a celebrated modernist Malayalam litterateur; learn if villains are born, made or made up through the character of Mahabharatas villain, Duryodhana; and finally, see what life lessons Chanakya can teach students. Continue reading “Enrich Your Knowledge With These Books”


The Best 5 Books, You Should Read In 2019

Books are the best friend of ours. We are celebrating the new year. We should start this year with our new best friends ie 5 new books.  Kadar Khan the veteran actor who is passed away recently, also he was the famous screenwriter. Continue reading “The Best 5 Books, You Should Read In 2019”